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line in the sand

a few weeks ago at the east beach playground area.

latest news from the speake boys has aidan at the doctor getting his head glued shut. goes like this… i met cathi and the boys at tucker’s grove park last friday at lunch. she had packed up some eats, but before we got to ‘em, we all played on the playground together. it was really fun. i took some pictures, so maybe i can show you in a few days. we never did get to the food part, however. aidan climbed up the old school dome structure and was hanging stiff-arm from the top. picture a dome of metal pipes in 18 inch triangles. he is at the top, maybe six feet off the ground. feet are inside the dome with torso and head outside. the stiff arms are keeping him up. he decides to let himself drop down to the ground by just letting go. i’m sure his idea was that he would just fall straight through between the bars and land on his feet in the sand below. problem was that his head hit the bars on the way down.

i got to watch the whole thing. face smacked first, followed by a snap back and bonk on the back of the head. he dropped to his knees and immediately was bleeding in what i would call “a gusher.” i thought he broke his nose. i couldn’t get to him quickly because i couldn’t fit through the bars. i called him to me, and then pulled him through the bars. cathi ran over and we put a clean diaper to the nose. i then realized that the blood was not coming out of his nose, but from a gnarly gash on the bridge.

the bleeding slowed and then stopped in just a few minutes. cathi called aidan’s doctor to see what to do. they said to come in to their office where they cleaned him up and used the crazy glue to close the huge (easiliy close to half an inch right between the eyes) cut up.

i took him to the doctor’s office while cathi was at home with emmett. those visits are hard, but also very special to me. we get to hang out and be brave together. aidan was indeed extrememly brave. i know all parents think their kids are something special – i’m no exception. he was scared and in pain, but he allowed the nurse to clean the wound and then lay very still while the doctor used the glue on him for at least 4 minutes.

now we just have to keep him from bashing the nose or getting it wet. if it opens back up, there is no re-glue. just a much bigger scar.

13 February 06


  1. you're a great dad. your boys are lucky.
    trevor    Feb 14, 1:26am    #

  2. i agree with trevor. great photographer also.
    luke    Feb 14, 2:46am    #

  3. Yikes – that reminds me of when my boy – at approx the same age at the time – slipped of a chair in a resturaunt and drove on o fhis front teeth back halfway – he left a trail of blood all the way to the car – oh man- I get the shivers just remembering that –

    Krazy glue, eh? Very high tech – better than stitches I suppose.

    Nice shot.
    Arne    Feb 14, 6:45pm    #

  4. Beautiful pic, Geord! I really like how you framed this shot.
    Wendy    Feb 16, 5:38pm    #

  5. oh man, it’s not fun watching your kids get hurt!
    greg    Mar 2, 1:12am    #

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