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out front

watching the olympics this evening cathi and i came to a new realization. while we really love our kids, there are some things that we wished we had done more when we had the time and freedom a no-kids life allows. one of those things is ice dancing. ‘cause you know, when you die, no one says things like “i wish i had worked more.” you always here stuff like “i should have spent more time ice dancing.”

18 February 06


  1. Geordie, we know it’s all about those glittery, sequenced outfits for you. ;)
    laura    Feb 18, 4:44pm    #

  2. any rinks in SB? because they say life expectancy for our generation is 90! that means you have plenty of years left for ice dancing. and if you include the kids, you don’t need sitters. you could be like the van trap family ice dancers!
    Wendy    Feb 18, 5:37pm    #

  3. ice dancing? i can see it now. triple lutz to a whirlie bird. you have to have a really sappy love/marriage story too. that way everyone will fall in love with you guys. i mean. we love you, but…
    trev    Feb 18, 11:58pm    #

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