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boys and girls at the cajun

again more shots from breakfast at the cajun kitchen. this was just last week friday (shot with the canonet on fuji 400 color neg film for anyone who cares).

you may not notice from this picture, but aidan and emmett each brought a rescue hero micro adventure jet. aaron sky in one and roger huston in the other. emmet’s is the white one just to the right of his milk and aidan’s is the black right in front of him. natalie, on the other hand, cruised in with three totally naked barbie-ish dolls and a bag full of cloths for them. maddie and natalie were very happy dressing them and discussing the pros and cons of each “princess.” aidan found the naked prince eric figure a bit weird. i think he noticed the lack of some “parts.” his comment was, “look at his funny bathing suit.”

nature vs. nurture? i’ll leave that discussion to the experts [who probably don’t have kids of their own].

21 February 06


  1. i think that maddie will always be nurturing her kenzo as seen in your sweet photo.
    trev    Feb 21, 10:06pm    #

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