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e posing

he’s taken to muggin’ for the camera. not every time, but definately sometimes.

28 February 06


  1. thats just about the best picture ever taken with a camera, ever.
    luke    Mar 1, 11:13am    #

  2. Emmett’s also taken to major kissfests with me lately. On the lips. It’s cute, but he won’t like hearing about it when he’s a teenager.

    What girl will be able to resist those lips of his? I can’t!
    cathi    Mar 1, 2:43pm    #

  3. What a cutie! Love the teeth Cheese!
    Auntie Krista
    krista    Mar 1, 3:56pm    #

  4. “Who’s that? – Mommy
    “mmepp” -Emmett
    emmett    Mar 2, 8:30am    #

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