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another weekend in the bag. off to work again. not really looking forward to this week. this fun picture should help.

got another load of old slides from my mom last weekend. aidan, cathi and i took a look at a few carousels tonight. i pulled them from a box at random and got some goodies where my sister and i were the same approximate ages as aidan and emmett. that was fun. i also got to see pictures of all of my grandparents. there was one image with three of my great grandparents. grammie speake and the mathesons i believe.

6 March 06


  1. great shot. that sweater is pretty sweet too.
    trev    Mar 6, 3:51am    #

  2. I think he’s officially calling himself “Emmett” instead of “Emmepp.” I’m a little sad. At least it still sounds like a baby’s pronunciation, a little more like “Ammaatt”
    cathi    Mar 7, 3:22am    #

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