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turkish delight

westmont has one of C.S. Lewis’ wardrobes. they claim it is THE wardrobe. wheaton has one too. they claim theirs is THE one. who know? neither disputes that the other’s wardrobe was really owned by C.S. Lewis. they just claim theirs is the one that inspired the book. either way, westmont had a big shindig last weekend where they had a bunch of real props and costumes from the movie.

the cloths were the coolest part. if was fun to see the dresses really worn by Lucy Pevensie. or the coat worn by Peter Pevensie.

aidan would probably have a hard time giving a favorite. he really liked the turkish delight, but the swords were really super duper cool and fun.

9 March 06


  1. I am sorry, but who is CS Lewis
    Steve    Mar 9, 1:17pm    #

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