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real stiches today

no, this is not a re-telling of the nose accident of a month ago.

today aidan and i spent a good number of hours in the cottage hospital emergency room with a split chin. he was riding his skateboard on his hands and knees and fell forward onto his chin. at first i just though it was a small scrape since there wasn’t too much blood. but it became clear quickly that we had a major issue on our hands.

more details to come, but we got real stiches this time. three or four good ones on the underside of his chin.

this picture is from last weekend in sacramento visiting krista and derek.

20 March 06


  1. I went to the emergency room and they fixed me all up with a band aid. And my chin was hurting and they gave me a shot in my leg, and it was really funny because I didn’t know why they did that. Bye bye.
    aidan    Mar 20, 6:45pm    #

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