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cause i look so good

that’s why.

more crossed up print film. this time into the sun in the backyard.

12 April 06


  1. neat effect…very nice colors. I really dig that one on speakelabs with the groundhog or weasel or whatever that was.
    chris    Apr 12, 1:19pm    #

  2. Yes, G. You’re a hottie!
    Kimberly    Apr 12, 1:41pm    #

  3. Hey Geordie, I saw this photo in a poster catalog recently….I’ll send it to you. It was on the same page as Jim Morrison, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, and Pink Floyd.
    Karen    Apr 13, 3:02pm    #

  4. Yes you do =)
    Happy Bday my friend!
    Sirica    Apr 21, 1:26pm    #

  5. this is top3 favorite right here. conjures up Fletch memories. Nice job and great touch on the film.
    Dan    Apr 21, 1:35pm    #

  6. Happy Birthday my friend! I was thinking I should get sentimental and choose a pic of one of your amazingly cute kids, but what the heck, I chose you instead. . . We miss you all!!!
    Nate Ritzau    Apr 21, 7:55pm    #

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