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easter with a mouthful

treats at the easter service last weekend.

hey, i’m 35 today.

21 April 06


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Geordie! I hope you enjoy your day and weekend with your family.
    Jade    Apr 21, 12:47pm    #

  2. Hi Geordie, I’ll second that…Happy Birthday to you!
    Emmets outfit is really nice- Mr. Joe Cool.
    Does he have a frog in his hand?
    Karen    Apr 21, 12:56pm    #

  3. That picture is too cute! Happy Birthday Geordie! We hope you have a great weekend celebrating YOU! We love you guys!
    Sirica    Apr 21, 1:24pm    #

  4. Dear Geordie:

    Congratulations on making it to the ripe old age of 35. You are a lucky man, not only for making it to 35, but because you have such a wonderful family and talents that you have the fortitude to explore. All of the best.

    Steve    Apr 21, 1:24pm    #

  5. Does the ”—OLDER” at the top of the page refer to you? Oh, Um, I say there, GGGoorRRRDy. Have a great birthday from Dr. Leach and all the rest.
    Dan    Apr 21, 1:31pm    #

  6. Happy Birthday, G! Hope today is awesome. Many blessing on the year to come, too!
    Kimberly    Apr 21, 1:57pm    #

  7. Geordie – Happy birthday bro!! Hope today is a great one for you. 35! Dang! I just hope when I reach your age, that I’m as good looking and talented as yourself.

    p.s. is your son eating a frog? ;)
    Jon K.    Apr 21, 2:01pm    #

  8. Happy Birthday, Daddy. Thank you for taking care of me when I’m sick.

    I love you.
    aidan    Apr 21, 3:57pm    #

  9. Happy birthday Geordie! Have a wonderful one! I’m trying to catch Caleb in one of his singing moods today so that he can make the birthday call this afternoon. Hearing him sing happy birthday will melt your old heart.

    wendy    Apr 21, 5:28pm    #

  10. Happy Birthday Geordie! Enjoy your day!
    laura    Apr 21, 6:35pm    #

  11. happy birthday george! you have been a great friend to me and i am better because of it. you are an awesome dad and i hope we continue to raise our kids together. here’s to another 10 years at cajun. have a great weekend not retreating!
    trev    Apr 21, 7:17pm    #

  12. How do you do it? How do you capture a moment that’s so everyday, but looks absolutely amazing in a still photograph. That’s your gift G-Man.
    Erin    Apr 22, 12:11am    #

  13. Happy Birthday Geordie! 35 is a real big number but I think you can handle it. Party on plastic. We miss you. Amazing pics.
    Matt and Sarah    Apr 22, 1:19am    #

  14. happy b-day G!
    luke brothers    Apr 22, 3:07am    #

  15. thanks everyone. i had a very nice birthday. some weird birthday goings-on, but everyone made me feel very special, and i appreciate that a lot.

    geordie    Apr 22, 12:26pm    #

  16. Happy Belated Bday! I didn’t get to this site until Monday, today. Love the E outfit! Glad to hear you day was special! We’ll see you nxt time w/ a fun something special for ya!
    sister K    Apr 24, 4:41pm    #

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