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tats and finger paints

everyday combo in your family too? “tattoo” was one of emmett’s early words.

9 May 06


  1. Oh my God! This is my favorite photo ever. Cool. Innocent. Rebeliousl. Full of life. How much for an 8×10?
    Erin    May 9, 9:21pm    #

  2. Good Grief Geordie, I can’t decide which is my favorite photo, this one, the steamer one, or that one of Emmet massaging Aidans back. You have captured so many terrific moments.
    Karen    May 11, 12:58pm    #

  3. Can you say, Pony boy?
    wendy    May 26, 8:03pm    #

  4. love this one!
    greg    Aug 22, 1:21am    #

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