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yogurt at the ER

aidan is not too happy in this picture. we are outside the waiting room of the local emergency room.

since it was around lunch time and we expected a long wait, cathi had sent us off with a lunch. at first this seemed like a good idea. problem with it was that when the doctor looked at the chin and decided that stiches were in order, and that they would need to put aidan under. the doctor asked how long it had been since aidan had eaten. they thought i was joking when i said “4 minutes.”

i explained the lunch thing. after which they explained the throwing up thing. our choice was to wait in the er for 3 hours or go home and take a nap and then return. since we live 5 minutes away, the decision was pretty easy.

all that to say, this is the boy and the yogurt that they didn’t want him throwing up.

12 May 06


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