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kite i

we tried to fly a kite this evening. there could not have been less wind.

i knew i was going to have the kids solo after work today so i thought it might be fun to go up to the mission and hang out. the sun was out all day today, so i kept my eye on the wind. out near work things looked good as the afternoon wore on. i even called cathi to see what was going on downtown. wind was up so i expected the mission to be perfect.

nope. calm as can be. the kite is good enough that as long as i was running it would climb. i stop and it comes down. aidan told me i just wasn’t running fast enough.

luckily we took a soccer ball and some cookies. i kept the cookies in reserve and then pulled them out as the ball fun ebbed.

this picture is from a few weeks ago flying the kite we tried to fly this evening. in long beach, they flew great.

24 May 06


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