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this is another shot of the bell tower from ucsb. last friday i went for another mad walk around campus during lunch – gotta take advantage of the students being away. this time i had the elan, a zoom and some fujichrome provia 100. i shot up almost the entire roll in my little walk and then had it cross processed. i’m not even done scanning the roll, but i have a few i like already. what do you think? here is the other shot of the bell tower from a couple of weeks ago.

1 September 04


  1. cool shot, my cool husband. I like the light, and the contast between natural and man-made. The soft lines of the grass are interrupted by the tower, which makes for an interesting piece.
    Cathi    Sep 1, 2:32pm    #

  2. now that’s a cool one!:) the colors are awesome and the bell tower in a distance really adds a depth to the image.
    fredrik    Sep 2, 3:28am    #

  3. I’m not sure what impresses us more, the cool photo or Cathi’s critique of the photo!
    I do love the photo. great perspective, beautiful colors.
    L,”Karis, what do you think of this picture.” K, “what is it?” L,”what do you see?” K,”what is it?” L,”what do you think it is?” K,”NO, WHAT is it?” L,”how does it make you feel?” K,”GOOD” and Karis runs over to the couch and falls onto it. A few minutes later Karis brings Laura a book and holds it open and asks, “Mommy, what do you think of THIS picture?”
    laura and karis    Sep 7, 8:25pm    #

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