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training wheels are off

tonight after dinner we went for a walk around the block. aidan on his bike with and emmett on the yellow push thingamajiggy. when we got back to our house, we stayed out front for a bit before heading in for baths.

aidan gets off the bike and mentions that we should take off the training wheels. so we do. so i hold on to the seat as he rides back and foreth in front of the house.

on the second pass i realize i’m only doing minimal correction so i let go catiously for brief periouds without telling him. a few more passes and i’m just helping him get going and catching as he slows to a stop.

he can basically go as far as he wants, but needs a grass run-out to stop/crash. tomorrow we will go somewhere for some serious practicing.

so much fun for everyone.

11 June 06


  1. Aidan you rock! I can’t wait to see you on 2 wheels!

    Aunt Krista
    sister K    Jun 12, 4:16pm    #

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