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more fun on two wheels today. we took aidan to a park that has lots of wide cement paths with grass on both sides for two-wheeler practice. with coaching, he can start and stop by himself [most times].

other fun stuff today included the movie cars. aidan and i had a movie date. popcorn and drinks even. we both had a great time.

12 June 06


  1. Thanks for a fun time, Daddy. I had fun with you.
    aidan    Jun 12, 12:19pm    #

  2. Here’s a boy after my own heart!
    Laura    Jun 12, 12:58pm    #

  3. I love the determined focus in his expression. Do we have another artist in the family?

    Geordie, great work with this blog, it is really fun to see your family growing.
    Steve    Jun 13, 2:15am    #

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