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a red look

near the end of the cross processed velvia roll. i thought that this would end up at a throw-away at the end of the roll, but turns out it might very well be a favorite. the elan was the only camera with film in it, and the moment had to get photographed, so this is what you get. no photoshopping to speak of – it just turns out this way.

on another note: we drove to ventura last night to hit a few stores down there. they have the closest old navy and target, so we load up the kids, hit in-n-out on the way, and shop, shop, shop. the only problem is that emmett is not at all happy in the car seat. aidan was no problem when he was 2 months – the car actually put him to sleep. emmett was ok for the first 10 minutes, but then screamed the last 20 non-stop. when we got there he was completely drenched in his own sweat. same thing on the way home (minus the initial happy 10 minutes). i don’t know what we are going to do when we need to really travel. cathi and i are a tad bit worried.

at least we got some good stuff at old navy. never did make it to target.

photofriday ‘simplicity’ entry – 9.04.2004

2 September 04


  1. Is this the U2 ‘Boy’ album cover? I used to sit and study, sketch, trace the photo of that kid. I fancied myself the artist back then in junior high. I think you’re more the artist than I ever was or will be.
    Cathi    Sep 3, 1:35am    #

  2. Its a nice shot.
    Missy slept in the car too, only because I left when I thought that she was getting sleepy. Maybe someone else in the back to distract a screaming child?
    Samantha    Sep 5, 8:47am    #

  3. i like this one alot. the warm colors and his eyes really does it:)
    fredrik    Sep 13, 3:42am    #

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