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16 June 06


  1. Hey Geordie:

    Another great photo, you can really capture the moment.

    We had a nice chat with Luke yesterday, they are in Spokane and have a rest day today. The greatest challenge for him has been riding in the rain for three hours the last two days. But now he knows he can do it.

    Seems he tends to look out for the other riders. Laged back yesterday to keep an eye on a rider. Saw she wasn’t progressing, so went back and found she had a flat he helped her with. I would like to say just like his dad. But I have to say that is just like Luke.
    Steve    Jun 16, 10:34am    #

  2. Thank you for this. Life is good. These are the moments I cherish beyond words.
    cathi    Jun 16, 2:32pm    #

  3. Beautiful!
    wendy    Jun 16, 5:00pm    #

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