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cathi and the boys took off this evening for kingsburg. they will be there all week learning to swim over at aunt julie’s.

17 July 06


  1. So you are home alone?
    Steve    Jul 17, 11:13am    #

  2. Aunt Julie gave me swimming lessons when I was a little kid also. She did a great job but couldn’t get me to dive head first. Just belly flop after belly flop.

    Awesome photos, like always.
    luke    Jul 17, 9:24pm    #

  3. Geordie, Love your photos. Cathi’s sunglasses are awesome. Checking your website is always a good start to my day.
    Karen    Jul 18, 12:43pm    #

  4. I was reading the message above about Julie’s swimming lessons and thinking she gave our kids lessons as well, then I realized the message was from Luke. I guess he is allowed to climb off his bike once in awhile
    Steve    Jul 18, 5:05pm    #

  5. steve, i am home alone. well, not right now. i’m at work right now. but i am still in sb while the rest of the family is in k-town.

    hey laura. you wanna comment to complete the brothers sweep?
    geordie    Jul 18, 5:13pm    #

  6. ..... I too remember Luke’s belly flops into the Jackson’s pool!

    This is an interesting morning of blog reading for me. I was called out on Luke’s website too…. being warned.
    Laura    Jul 19, 12:27pm    #

  7. I’m swimming now!
    two days with Aunt Julie and I’m a swimmer! I won’t jump off the diving board yet, but I’ve got the basic idea and can get around fairly well.

    Climbed the lemon tree this morning, throwing the lemons I picked into the pool like grenades.

    Mommy showed me her cannonball skills last night. She’s pretty good! Emmett said “Again! ‘gain!”
    aidan    Jul 19, 12:51pm    #

  8. Goodness sakes, this is like some sort of family blog site!! We all gather around aidan project to say hello!!
    Hey Aidan, good for you big swimmer! And throwing those lemons into the pool must have been fun, too.
    Karen    Jul 19, 1:24pm    #

  9. You’re gonig to have a great tiem swimming and Grandpa Gs house Aidain! We’re proud of you. Caleb’s going under water a lot at his swim lessons these days!
    Aunt Wendy
    wendy    Jul 20, 6:47pm    #

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