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runnin the cans at work

aidan at my desk. as far as he is concerned, work for me is free soda, listening to music, drawing on my whiteboard and playing ping-pong. he is so wrong. but give him a few years and he will understand that there is a lot of time surrounding the whole coffee thing. the making of coffee [because my coworkers suck and leave the pot empty] and the getting of coffee. not to mention the actual drinking of coffee. oh how ignorant he is of the way a real office works. someday he will appreciate all i do for the family.

and since so many people have been asking… that strip down the left of the above picture is meant to represent the pain and suffering of the world. i feel that my art must really strive to make the world a better place, and in this piece i tried to show that by contrasting the modern computer and keyboard of my cubicle with the modern storefront window of a modern boarders books and music cafe. if you don’t understand, i’m not surprised. too few artists are fully understood in their day. note: it is just the file i got from the lab when they scanned the picture. the old canonet camera doesn’t advance the film very regularly. it isn’t the lab’s fault, the frames really run right together like that. the shot just before this one was of boarders. i just didn’t bother to crop it out.

21 July 06


  1. by boarders are you referring to snow boarders? because i am familiar with a book store named borders but now i’m uncertain if you have been there or not. now who’s sitting in the seat of mockers, or is it scoffers? crap. maybe the laughs on me again.
    trev    Jul 24, 3:04am    #

  2. people, don’t be mad at trevor. he just doesn’t get my art. you can pitty him if you want, but don’t be angry. i’ve learned to love him just the way he is. it’s best not to try and change him.
    geordie    Jul 24, 12:42pm    #

  3. you slay me. absolutely slay me. and people, if you are reading this i am almost always the butt of george’s jokes. don’t let the fantastic photography fool you. he lives for two things. his photos and making fun of me.
    trev    Jul 26, 1:29am    #

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