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we're back

back from vacation at the lake.

we had a great time. days full of swimming, boating, skiing, deer and lizard hunting, and tons of other fun stuff you can only do in lake county.

good to be back home, however. ‘cause you know, gotta update the website.

6 August 06


  1. Welcome back!

    Glad you had fun.

    Karen took off to visit Alice, I am home alone…..well not quite, there are Charlie and Sophie

    Steve    Aug 6, 12:05pm    #

  2. my word. that was the fastest comment i’ve ever received. picture time stamp says 8:02. comment time stamp just three minutes later at 8:05. i hit POST and then went to change a diaper – came back and there it is.

    thanks steve. have fun home alone. stay safe.
    geordie    Aug 6, 12:17pm    #

  3. It’s nice that you went on vacation and all, but for people like me who enjoy your photos, it was misery. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. Anyway, tell your sister I said hi- even if you don’t remember who the heck I am. Tell her my friend was Kerry Kletter and then I’m sure she’ll know. I think your wife resembles her (your sister, that is) a bit.
    Heather West    Aug 6, 11:10pm    #

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