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21 August 06


  1. Hooray! Emmett gets a couple of shots in…and great job on the new Speakephoto site! Impressive.
    catherine    Aug 22, 8:25am    #

  2. Love this photo, yummy colors, toothy smile!
    What a pair of boys you have.
    Karen    Aug 22, 9:31am    #

  3. Incredible colors! Really nice Geord!
    wendy    Aug 22, 2:03pm    #

  4. That kid is the cutest!!! Oh and the photo is nice, too!
    Sirica    Aug 30, 2:30pm    #

  5. This is a fabulous photo and Emmett is, as always, extremely cute!
    laura    Sep 2, 1:30pm    #

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