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emmett’s asleep in my arms, aidan is watching a rescue heroes video and cathi is cruising the book stores downtown. she had a girls night out and was pretty excited to get some sushi again. the boys stayed home and are having a grand time. since mom was eating fish with her friends, aidan pretended that our chicken left-overs were fish also. i played along and we had quite the dinner.

this picture was taken a couple of months ago soon after getting the canonoet g-iii ql. looks like the old guy can do alright.

7 September 04


  1. a fine shot, what I/eye like the most is the comp/crop you present, the subject being just a bit to the right of center was the right choice IMO, being centered in the frame would be a nit for me…did you attempt dodging the right side of the subject’s face a bit to bring out some detail?
    btezra    Sep 8, 5:59am    #

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