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hold your breath

today (tuesday) was aidan’s first day back at school after the summer break. he has been looking forward to it for weeks. here’s a picture from the first day last year.

also, don’t miss the other picture posted tonight. my dad will be so proud.

also, also, this picture is the compliment this one from a few days ago.

30 August 06


  1. I think this photo is a timely post and a good metaphor for the way Aidan started preschool this year. Last year’s entrance was tentative, like hanging out on steps of the pool for a bit before wading slowly in, adjusting to the cool temperature. This year he jumped in with both feet, and told me afterward “We were pretty crazy during snacktime.” I later found out the teacher had to move the kids’ seats to boy-girl-boy-girl.
    catherine    Aug 30, 5:12pm    #

  2. beautiful! We (Caleb, Brody, mom/Grma, and I) just finished up our last mommy-and-me swim class of the summer. Caleb spent every class wailing “I don’t want to go under! I hold the side of the pooooo!” This picture gives me hope!
    wen    Aug 31, 6:16pm    #

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