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we have officially joined the ranks. aidan had his first soccer game this last saturday. we’ve been enjoying practice for a few weeks now with pretty good results. but the real test, the game, was still looming. there shouldn’t be a parent of the Red Tigers that doesn’t consider saturday’s game a complete success.

for the boys under-6 teams we don’t win or loose – we just have fun playing. we don’t even have goalies. there are just six kids per team running like crazy and kicking the ball when it gets close. but parents are parents, so while we don’t talk about winning to the kids, we all hope our team is the pseudo-victor. you know the phrase “sometimes you are the hammer, and sometimes the nail?” let’s just say saturday we were the hammer.

of course the real reason we don’t keep score is because it is true that the most important thing about the game is that the boys do their best and have fun. i’m very proud of aidan and all the rest of the team. and as a coach in the best english premier league tradition i want to say, “i’m proud of the lads. they played their harts out. we owe everything to our supporters. they’ve been with us from the very beginning so it was nice to do this for them. i think they can expect more great things from the lads in fixtures to come.”

what you don’t often hear at the post-game press conference is that one of the players (in this case aidan, but probably more than one of his team mates in addition) fell asleep in the car on the way home and slept for almost three hours in his uniform.

11 September 06


  1. i’m sure kelly would be real proud of the lads. after all he “loves” soccer too. although, he is a really wacko kid.
    trev    Sep 11, 3:34am    #

  2. I dig the pic.
    Kimberly    Sep 11, 11:13am    #

  3. Clean shoes for sure on the first game. Where are those white shin guards with all their pesky velcro straps? I remember having fun designing and sewing the team banners, bringing bags of cut up orange slices, juice packs and granola bars. Steve enjoyed coaching, particularly Luke’s “501 Blues” team.
    Go Aidan, may your team hammar home lots of nails.
    Karen    Sep 11, 12:34pm    #

  4. Fab picture and wonderful documentary of the big event! We are so proud of the Speake men and the rest of those courageous Tigers! On the Brunner front, Brody is officially crawling (about the same age your boys were when they ventured into the realm of WALKING!) Life shall get even more interesting for us now. —Wen

    ps- Oh, I really do love this shot!
    wendy    Sep 11, 12:53pm    #

  5. I don’t recall that soccer shoes ever looked that new

    Isn’t it wonderful that soccer uni’s make such great PJ’s? I had some of our players (mixed gender league) that were using them as PJ’s prior to the first game.

    Really glad you are enjoying the experience. Go Reg Tigers!
    Steve    Sep 11, 2:34pm    #

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