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the nail

remember when i said that we were the hammer? today we were the nail. the loss wasn’t bad, but it was definitely a loss. they got two early while we failed to score at all. we were a bit unlucky with a few goal-line clearances, but the kids know they scored and we didn’t. i don’t think aidan cares one lick, however, there were varying degrees of upset shown by some red tigers.

23 September 06


  1. This is so cool! Aidan, you are a cool dude!

    Aunt Krista
    sister K    Sep 25, 2:01pm    #

  2. Aidan, we’re so proud of what a big guy you are!

    Aunt Wendy
    Aunt Wendy    Sep 27, 4:12pm    #

  3. I love this photo of the boys!

    Hey, do you know what’s happening with photo thursday? I just went to the site and it looks like it’s on hiatus.
    laura    Sep 28, 11:50am    #

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