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apple picking

we went a’pickin’ a couple weeks ago. very fun. everyone got in on the action.

edit: for those of you trying to fill in the missing top of this picture… on the right is cathi. pointing at a rotten apple on the ground is emmett. and just barely creaping into the frame on the left is aidan.

28 September 06


  1. Geordie, Let’s see…another one of those cute but mysterious chopped off leg shots that you are so fond of challenging us with. Huh…that is probably Emmett and maybe Cathi’s jeans and shoes, because I don’t remember Aidan having black shoes like that, although I do keep a mental inventory of everyones shoe colors just so I can deciper your photos. Then I get to imagine how Emmett was feeling, smiling and having a good time, or tired, eyes shut, see….I get to fill in the blanks. Very creative. Or maybe that is just some random kid with a bag of apples and a girl from Spain standing next to him. It’s good you keep us on our toes…but don’t let that give you the idea to start showing toes only and leaving out the shoes, I will never figure that out.
    I did figure out your earlier photo of just Kristas legs though. Next time we have a family get together lets take a photo of just all our legs to have for reference sake.
    Karen    Sep 28, 1:46pm    #

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