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how you like dem apples?

so you don’t have to guess or make up a story to complete the picture, karen, emmett is wearing a pair of adidas sambas and aidan is sporting the black slip-on vans with flames and a dragon.

and yes, those are full grown, miniature horses in the background.

29 September 06


  1. Who can name the actor and movie in which “How d’ya like dem apples?” is so brilliantly spoken?
    cathi    Sep 29, 3:17am    #

  2. matt damon. good will hunting.
    trev    Sep 29, 1:33pm    #

  3. from what I hear, your friend Hillary Swank was actually slated to play Will but couldn’t quiet master this one crucial line.
    Aunt Wendy    Sep 29, 5:42pm    #

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