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today was the big knight party for aidan’s fifth birthday. the birthday isn’t for a few days, but the party was this afternoon. it was fantastic. he wore his knight costum all afternoon before the party as well as through the entire shin-dig at the park. he has a new sword that he wore on his belt and brandished often. he followed all the rules concerning weapons (gently on other swords only and never on anyone’s body. of course there is the obvious rule about keeping the sword in the scabard while on a bike – he followed that one too after a quick reminder).

the party was lots of fun. there was knight training where all the party-goers did leg excercises for strength and then went on a short series of “quests.” the final quest brought us to the pinata where they were all knighted and given a goofy name like sir nathan, lord of the willow glen before bashing the treasure chest with a special sword (i.e. garden weasel stick). everyone had a turn and waited patiently until josh opened up a proverbial can of wup ass on it.

and man did he rake in the cool gifts.

25 October 06


  1. Our boy knows how to paartay! He was looking forward to this party so much that I worried it wouldn’t hold up, but I think it exceeded his expectations, and mine. It’s all worth it to see him having the time of his life, and then he says these priceless things like “That was the best night party EVER!” and “The party was so great because of your good ideas, Mom.” He’s the best.
    cathi    Oct 25, 2:28am    #

  2. What a great idea for a birthday party. I think I will ask Karen to use that as the theme for my 64th. Way fun!
    Steve    Oct 25, 12:06pm    #

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