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the watched

titled as such because yesterday’s was the watcher, and this is what he was watching. from the trip down to the ventura mall a few weeks ago. tri-x and the elan/50 combo.

so aidan says, “dad, do you want to play bob with me?” refering to the bob-the-builder toys he has.

i say “sure” as i get down on the floor to start some serious playing. “hand me that bob doll,” i said pointing to the 3 inch tall figure next to aidan’s foot.

“its not a doll dad,” he says with a classic look of my-dad-is-pretty-dumb all over his face.

“oh, of course not” i reply seriously with cathi rolling on the floor behind me trying not to drop emmett in the process.

“what’s so funny?” asks aidan. now with a look more of don’t-tell-me-my-mom-is-as-dumb-as-my-dad on his face.

“what do you call it?” i ask.

“a toy.” the look again.

13 September 04


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