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so the mudell kids were over a few weeks ago. cathi was having a talk with all the kids about some serious stuff. she was going on and on about what was expected of them. and how everyone was to behave. and the way everyone was going to treat everyone else with respect. she was explaining all sorts of complicated rules and regulations. she even got a bit caried away and started talking about the importance of exercising ones right to vote. it wasn’t until will told her that he was the oldest of the crowd and still had 13 years until he could actually vote that she calmed down. all in all it was about 25 minutes of straight talk on cathi’s part. the kids just sat there and listened intently to everything she said. they even nodded agreement at all the right times. i caught this picture to show what good listeners the lot of them are.

or… they were watching tv. i can’t remember.

13 November 06


  1. Classic. Great shot Geordie and thanks for keeping those crazy kids in line Cath :)
    jade    Nov 13, 1:58pm    #

  2. Don’t you know Love and Logic parents don’t need to lecture?
    catherine    Nov 13, 6:49pm    #

  3. That is a HILARIOUS story. I can’t believe how often I go on and on and on. . .like the teacher from Peanuts. I haven’t gotten to the right to vote speech yet. I’ll have to use that one next. . .
    H West    Nov 13, 10:17pm    #

  4. Just wanted to clarify to H West and others that I did not give any part of a lecture to those cute kiddos. I’m sure they’re watching Toy Story or The Incredibles. I could come up with a good lecture, if needed, but they’re too sweet.
    catherine    Nov 14, 7:06pm    #

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