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don't say toot

cathi and i saw pink martini this evening. they were fantastic as usual. i know since i’ve seen them twice now.

they have a song called Dansez-vous that we all sing around the house often. before we took the kids over to the rose’s tonight, emmett and i were dancing and singing it togeter. he modified the words to from ‘dansez-vous’ to ‘don’t say toot.’ works for me.

14 November 06


  1. What a cutie.
    And love your stories Geordie.
    Karen    Nov 14, 1:59pm    #

  2. Hey George,

    Glad you enjoyed the show, too (thanks for the message—I couldn’t find your email, but I found your blog—glad you are keeping it up!) George has a blog too and he wrote a review of the show, here’s the link: http://imnotonetoblogbut.blogspot.com/2006/11/im-crazy-for-you-pink-thing.html . It was our first time seeing Pink Martini, but we’ve talked about going to see them at Disney Concert Hall for their New Year’s Eve show for the past couple years. They always sounded like fun. I’m glad we finally saw them. They put on a great show.
    Amy    Nov 20, 4:21pm    #

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