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visiting team

this picture makes me sad/scared/uneasy.

my mom used to embarrass me at Dodger games as a kid by chearing for the visiting team when they did something good. “but that is somebody’s boy,” she would say.

i listened to the Iraq Study Group press conference yesterday.

my boys are going to be dealing with our mess in iraq. i hope not with a gun.

7 December 06


  1. Just read with Aidan the “Peter’s First Battle” chapter in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. So thrilling to see Peter use his sword mightily against the wolf, protecting his sister. Then Aslan knights him. Aidan was pretty psyched. He knew what was coming when Aslan asked for Peter’s sword and told him to kneel. I hope our son uses nonviolent “weapons” to fight for what’s good and true, our little Sir Aidan.
    catherine    Dec 7, 6:53pm    #

  2. I remember how Luke loved to play with guns and had many plastic versions. Some of his friends weren’t allowed toy guns and would come over to our house and be real obsessed with playing with them. And now Luke is doing his graduate studies in a Peace Program. Go figure.
    Karen    Dec 8, 1:34pm    #

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