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kitchen floor

aidan and i went ice skating tonight. it was great fun. for the first 40 minutes he had a death grip on my hand. he never really went down becuase i would just hold him up when he fell. at one point he realized i wasn’t holding on too hard so he decided he could do it on his own. from then on it was solo flight. i caught him the first time or two as he started to fall. but then i let him on his own completely. after a few laps he was doing spins on purpose. no michelle kwan, but it really was a full spin – forward travel to 360 to continued forward travel. he actually did better at those than the normal skating because he wasn’t as distracted by the teenagers flying all over the rink.

the picture is from last weekend at caleb’s party. aidan camped out on the kitchen floor with a cheese stick and a can of soda.

15 December 06


  1. I like this photo!
    laura    Dec 16, 3:36pm    #

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