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we're back

been back for a few days actually. sorry for the lack of pictures here. we are busy at home finding places for all the new stuff acquired during our christmas events.

there were three main events/stops on the speake christmas tour. first was kingsburg for a few days (cold but fun). then we were in long beach at my mom’s for a few more days. this is really one stop, but with wendy just a few miles away in lb and my dad also in town for the holidays, we had two long beach chistmases, and thus our third [virtual] stop on the tour.

while there were many great times, i will leave you now with my personal achievement of the trip – packing the volvo with all our stuff three times. completely blocking the back windows each time. cramming presents and dirty clothes in using a mathematically derived methodology that would make even feynman proud.

2 January 07


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