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sidelong glance

i got number zero at taco bell the other day. golden.

edit: that would be order number zero. as in “Zero? your order is ready. Zero? anyone? order Zero?”

does that clear things up for any of you? thank you leslie for getting it right off. the rest of you… there is no combo 0 at taco bell. that would just be silly.

11 January 07


  1. nice shot!
    luke brothers    Jan 11, 11:46am    #

  2. This pic is amazing. My mouth fell open when the page loaded. Nice work!
    Laura    Jan 11, 1:10pm    #

  3. This is really one of my favorites!
    wendy    Jan 11, 6:08pm    #

  4. tried sending this one to hanna andersson?
    catherine    Jan 11, 6:49pm    #

  5. i got number zero at the habit yesterday!
    leslie    Jan 13, 12:31am    #

  6. Handsome boy for sure. Yeah, maybe good photograhy, too.
    Karen    Jan 13, 4:21pm    #

  7. what the heck is number zero?!
    jade    Jan 13, 4:38pm    #

  8. Yeah, I’ll second that one, what is a number zero. I was afraid to ask as I thought maybe everyone knew but ME!
    Karen    Jan 15, 2:21pm    #

  9. Geord,
    some are still waiting to hear about numer 0
    wendy    Jan 22, 6:56pm    #

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