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we’ve been sick over here. both aidan and emmett had a bout of gastro-intestinal distress sunday night. emmett started it out in line to order food at baja fresh after church. sorry to everyone there. he finished up out on the curb, but didn’t have any more episodes.

aidan decided to wait until about 10:00 that night. a friend at work once told me, “the first one is always in bed. the rest they can usually get to the toilette.” aidan did not prove him wrong. his first was in bed, but all the others (and there were quite a few that night) made it.

cathi nor i have had any problems. we are both on pins and needles dreading our turn. we’ll let you know. but for know, don’t kiss any of us right now. and no sharing passies or sippy cups.

16 January 07


  1. Wow…one of my new favorites!!! Nice!!!
    siric    Jan 17, 5:28pm    #

  2. love this. His eyes, the cars, the whole pic.
    wendy    Jan 22, 1:55pm    #

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