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i’m on assignment tomorrow afternoon. i’m nervous. i want to do well and make some good pictures. i’ll share if i do. otherwise i will act like it never happened – i’ll deny ever mentioning it.

31 January 07


  1. Geordie:

    Not to worry, you will do great!

    Steve    Jan 31, 11:32am    #

  2. An assignment, that’s exciting! Just do what you always do cause you rock, just remember that! Can’t wait to see your shots =)
    siric    Jan 31, 12:43pm    #

  3. just remember to take off the lens cap
    Karen    Jan 31, 4:12pm    #

  4. You’re a star, G. You’ll do great.
    Kimberly    Jan 31, 10:34pm    #

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