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party crasher

emmett and i crashed nathan’s birthday party a few weeks ago. he and i were to drop aidan off and then go be away from our house for a couple of hours while cathi hosted a baby shower for a friend. yeah, like emmett wants to leave a party in full swing. ben and melissa had pitty on us and welcomed us as if we were invited. emmett even got a left over treat bag.

interesting side note: the baby shower was for a woman cathi used to teach with named Ramona. both aidan and emmett thought that name was extra cool because it was the girl version of ramone from the cars movie.

28 February 07


  1. Speaking of birthdays… left a message on the machine at home for Cathi… but pass on a great big Happy Birthday from the Brunners, would you?
    wendy    Feb 28, 6:00pm    #

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