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couch problems

i must beg your forgiveness, but we’ve been battling some pretty major problems over here. i have had more than a few people complain about the serious lack of updates at this site. but it really isn’t my fault. we have been dealing with some serious equipment malfunctions here at the speake house. the plumbing is fine. the electrical and other utilities are all ok. it has been the couch. it has been giving me problems almost every evening for the last month or so. i don’t really know how to explain it other than to say it floats. yup. it hovers all over the room. some nights it is just a few inches off the ground. others almost to the ceiling. and it moves around quite a bit. this is really the problem. it can do some serious damage to people and property if it isn’t held down. being as i am the responsible one in the family, i have taken it upon myself to hold it down most evenings. cathi is tired after a long day with the boys, so the last thing i think i should do is make her spend her whole evening keeping the couch on the ground. and with the kids in bed, that responsibility falls to me. and the web site suffers along with me. i’m hoping to have things more under control these days, but we’ll see. keep checking back in. i’ll keep you up to date.

that’s aidan in a “robot hat” that doesn’t fool emmett for a minute. he knows a drum when he sees one. not only that, but e-dog knows what to do with/to a drum.

4 April 07


  1. the troops are on their way back to the house to help hold the couch down. It’s been a great weekend and few days to love and entertain these fabulous kids. my heart longs for their giggles already, and i’ve only said goodbye less than an hour ago. Nellie and I, Aunt Krista, will see you all soon @ Swedish Festival Weekend!
    love and thanks for sharing your kids and wife with Auntie, Sister Krista
    krista    Apr 4, 7:54pm    #

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