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jon killam at lunch last week. why is it that my favorite pictures of people are taken at meals and naturally lit by a grimy window? this is another example.

this is from the first roll of film i developed myself. got the chem lab running in the kitchen sink. i used kodak hc-110 dilution b for what was supposed to be 5 minutes (i have not perfected the use of the timer) to cook some tri-x. i think i got pretty close. i’m relatively pleased with the results. i’m sure as i get more consistent with all of the variables, i’ll be able to fine tune the process. i shot through the roll fast to get a sample that wouldn’t upset anyone if the entire thing went bust. even though, i got a few good images.

i’d appreciate any feedback from people developing their own negs. ian at fiftymillimeter.com has helped with motivation (just looking at his stuff) and has answered some silly questions. also, a big thanks to peter thomsen and ruben gil for details on how to really go about the whole science project of developing my own.

20 September 04


  1. hey geordie…

    looks like you did great. very nice tonal range. it’s easy, right?

    i like the new look, too. it fixed some css issues i was having in firefox.
    ian    Sep 20, 1:03pm    #

  2. after a long absence from the darkroom I am back to shooting mostly film, TMAX 400 @ at 800 my drug of choice, and have gone back through the paces of developing my own negs…the best aprt is manipulating the developing process. With trial and some error you will be in stride time and time again, it’s just like ridinjg a bike, once you do it you never forgot how to
    btezra    Sep 27, 3:38pm    #

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