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staking out the light parade

the light parade route was well scoped out by us on the evening of our visit to California Adventure. we got a good spot that would allow us to sit and yet see over the heads of the people in front of us. unfortunately we were told to get down. luckily we were told with enough time to find another good spot.

by the way, they haven’t changed that parade in years. i’m no expert, but it looks exactly the same as i remember it as a kid. except of course that it is at California Adventure instead of Disneyland.

7 May 07


  1. karen was pushing for us to stay for the electrical parade on saturday, but paul and i won out since we had to make the drive back to sb that night. once that song gets in your head, it sure is tough to get out!
    leslie    May 8, 12:07am    #

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