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what did you call me?

i said that today. i said it a couple of times because i couldn’t believe what i was hearing. cute little e-dog, in a moment of pure frustration over something i can’t even remeber now, told cathi and i that we were poo.

i can’t even write it now without laughing to myself. oh he got a good timeout for that don’t you worry. the main reason was because cathi and i didn’t want him to see us snickering and there was no way that was going to stop any time soon.

i think it worked. he realized that telling his parents that they were poo was not going to fly… so he switched to yelling from the other room “you guys are darth vader!”

9 May 07


  1. hilarious. sounds familiar. lil laila has started making up phrases when she’s mad. “beek bop” and “tink winky!”... and she’s never seen teletubbies. hmm.—matt
    matt and sarah    May 9, 3:23am    #

  2. Caleb was being a little terd (no pun intended) on the toilet last week and I threatened to spank him. He responded, quite literally, “I’ll poop on your hand.” Makes since given the circumstance. Has Aidan ever called you any names? Oh, and that birthday dinner looks FABULOUS!
    wendy    May 11, 12:36am    #

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