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more fig

easter afternoon up on figueroa mountain road.

hope all the moms had a great mothers’ day.

14 May 07


  1. Who would have known that Lil E had a tick in his arm pit with a sweet smile like that. Gorgeous light, by the way!
    wendy    May 14, 5:25pm    #

  2. Awesome pic, G. I love the expressions on their faces.
    Kimberly    May 14, 9:07pm    #

  3. Thanks for this.
    catherine    May 16, 7:47pm    #

  4. you guys grow cute kiddos. real cute. wow. sweet picture too.
    matt and sarah    May 20, 2:30am    #

  5. brothers gotta hug!
    krista    Jun 10, 1:17am    #

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