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almost three

not quite, but closer every day.

17 May 07


  1. I am willing to wager that E is not saying NO in this photo grin>
    Steve    May 17, 12:30pm    #

  2. you are good!
    catherine    May 17, 1:36pm    #

  3. this is a candidate for a tots modeling agency or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love e & his fun smiles at this age
    sister    May 17, 9:20pm    #

  4. O wow! Krista’s right, this is totally a toddler’s “top model” shot
    wendy    May 18, 12:01am    #

  5. thanks everyone. and to the sisters… this is a big kid, not a tot or toddler. i hate to have to publicly correct you, but look at this kid. that ain’t no toddler or tot. and have you heard his voice? more like a 30 year old radio personality.
    geordie    May 18, 12:07am    #

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