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or feet. or bench. or dirty. or…

even as a baby emmett was a fan of the pilates.

in other news: MY FEET ARE KILLING ME! tuesday at lunch soccer my boots broke. studs just came right off. couldn’t wear them. wednesday evening game meant i picked up a pair from the store wednesday afternoon. i knew it was going to be a bad idea but i didn’t know what else to do (i’m not much of a shoe borrower if that dawned on anyone). so by midway through the first half the feet hurt enough to untie them at halftime. by midway through the second half i could barely walk. when the final whistle blew, i reached down and untied right there on the field. never done that before.

let’s see if the dogs heal up for a saturday game.

24 May 07


  1. You are beyond TALENTED!!! Those pictures of the girl painting and Aidan wating on are awesome!!!
    See y’all at hg this week =)
    siric    May 29, 1:58am    #

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