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bathtub t-rex

i’m entering this as my ‘domestic’ image for photofriday. it’s not a picture of dirty dishes, or of someone folding laundry. it is of bath time with a favorite toy. it is also the last shot from the first roll of film i developed myself. no that is domestic. i was measuring, timing, mixing and stirring. all of the things associated with ‘making soup.’

tri-x for 5 minutes in hc-110 (b).

22 September 04


  1. very sweet
    spunwithtears    Sep 23, 11:48pm    #

  2. Indeed, a sweet and touching image—and a generally much more positive outlook on the theme of domestic than many entries in this week’s PhotoFriday challenge! :-)
    anne [wideangle.ca]    Sep 26, 2:21am    #

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