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wedding show

Christea and Robi got married june 3. they asked me to make some pictures. i hope you like.

9 June 07


  1. Geordie:

    Great job, really excelent, looking forward to June 30.

    Steve    Jun 10, 12:57am    #

    G- this is an amazing show! You’ve got it man!
    True Professional!!
    krista    Jun 10, 1:18am    #

  3. Are you kidding me???? You are amazing! John concurs!

    Your biggest fan,
    siric    Jun 10, 11:02pm    #

  4. .... no words. amazing? yes, that’s the word.
    wendy    Jun 11, 12:29am    #

  5. I can’t count how many times I’ve watched this with you, but still got misty this morning watching again. What a gift for the couple and their family.
    catherine    Jun 11, 12:02pm    #

  6. Stunning. Chris and I have watched this over and over again… and we can’t get enough. You sure know what you’re doing! We can’t wait to see what you capture of our big day… the big countdown is on!
    Laura    Jun 11, 12:48pm    #

  7. Geordie, You just capture the essence of the event. I remember when Steve and I were hiring a photographer almost 39 years ago, this is exactly the type of work I was looking for. We ended up hiring a supposedly creative photographer who had done work in all sorts of far flung countries, hanging out the door of an airplane or such stuff he told us to convince us of his fun style. And mostly all we got were the traditional wedding shots in the end.
    Your work is inspiring – love it.
    Karen    Jun 11, 2:45pm    #

  8. So classy. So well done! Congrats to you and to the beautiful couple! You have such a gift. Thanks for sharing.
    Holly    Jun 11, 7:23pm    #

  9. WOWIE! This is a fantastic show. I am proud of you. Christea and Robi will cherish this memory forever. Gerodie, you have given them a wonderful gift. Thanks for putting them on the web so we can all see. I am going to show June at school tomorrow.
    mom    Jun 11, 10:12pm    #

  10. Geordie – I just saw the wedding pictures!!!! INCREDIBLE! Cousin Joy
    PS – I am in California for two weeks and will be up your way for a part of it. Maybe we can work out a time where I can see you and the family!!!! I’ll email Cathi. Talk to you soon.
    joy    Jun 18, 9:48pm    #

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