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dressed up for the wedding

the boys all dressed up for the see and elle wedding.

we are still at the lake having fun. naps and reading going on right now, but lots of swimming almost all other times.

there have been no end to obstacles to skiing, however. first was a broken dock hydraulic line that meant the boat wouldn’t come down into the water.

then after that was fixed, we went down again to try this morning and the boat battery was dead. no worries, dad has a charger. back up to the pool for a while (neither aidan nor emmett minded that).

then after we get out on the water i jump in, get a “hit it” in and ski for about a dozen turns (things are starting to feel right again) and i can smell and see smoke coming out of the back of the boat. i let go, thinking the boat will explode with my family in it while i ski, watching the whole thing. i drive back towards home and just as we pull into dad’s little bay, i slow down so we can talk about what to do, and the engine promptly dies in a big puff of smoke before i am even stopped. there is no one around but us, so we decide to jump in the watter with life jackets (every single one of us i might add – aidan and emmett included) and pull/push the boat to the dock. we can see it a couple hundred yards off and feel that if nothing else, being in the water is much more fun that sitting in a dead boat. we probably made it 2/3 of the way home when a nice couple cruised by in an aluminum boat with a 25 horse outboard. we waved them over (which almost got us nothing but a nice wave back before they realized we were hailing them for help and not just being nice). five minutes later we were safe and sound on dad’s dock and ready for more pool swimming.

kids don’t care because they love the pool. dad is frustrated for obvious reasons. i just hope we can get aidan skiing this week (which he is only keen on doing when we are not actually out on the water) and that the damage to the boat is not too bad (dad hopes a new water pump will cure all).

11 July 07


  1. crazy stuff. What a story to last a lifetime.
    Hope the boat gets going before you head home..
    love to you all.
    sister    Jul 12, 2:44pm    #

  2. I miss those cute boys and their stylin’ shoes! It sounds like you’re having a fun time despite the boat woes. Life here isn’t the same without you guys around, but we’ll march on and look forward to hearing all about your time.
    Love, the Mundells
    jade    Jul 13, 11:51am    #

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