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emmett at his party.

other: we had a “soccer practice” through parks and rec this evening. both aidan and emmett because it was 3 to 5 year olds. boy was it hard. i had to hold off most of the time – i wanted to take over so bad. the guy running the show was nice and patient, but didn’t know how to run a little kid practice. at one point i did actually jump in while he was off doing something else. but as soon as he came back i got out of the way. it was a bit awkward.

17 July 07


  1. It’s true, you are the master AYSO coach and make practice much more fun, engaging, and active. No wonder E cried through most of it. He wanted you to coach!
    catherine    Jul 17, 12:02pm    #

  2. Welcome home! We’re sorry we missed this awesome galactic adventure! Also wanted to say “gorgeous wedding photos” – the show is evocative and will be a real memory keeper for the wedding couple. feel free to put those shows together for any and all of your themed pics, I’ll sit still long enough to watch an array of pics depicting Aidan learning to dive or Emmett battling vador.
    wendy    Jul 17, 5:03pm    #

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