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fat lip

couple of things-

1) emmett had a big crash today. he is OK but is sporting a fat lip. he was walking a curb that is about 14 inches high and slipped. i saw the whole thing from behind. looks like he put the hands out but that the ledge was higher than the arms are long. yup, there was blood. plenty of it too. he is alright and back at his normal antics, but the usually large lips are a bit bigger on one side.

2) we borrowed episode I – the phantom menace from friends thursday night. two and a half screenings in and the kids are big fans of the darth maul fight scenes. they both want to play the sith ‘cause his double light saber is so freakin’ cool.

please notice that i have been trying to put more pictures up on the flickr site lately. we’ll see how that goes. check it out here. some of the latest weird looking stuff is slide film from the fourth of july dipped in print chemicals.

23 July 07


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